Graham Hawkins

Businesses have 2 challenges: sales, and everything else.

Thus, I firmly believe that ‘sales’ is the most important function in every business, and I have spent almost 3 decades helping my employers (and clients) drive sustainable revenue growth.

However, B2B sales is now changing at an accelerated pace due to the massive change that we are witnessing in buyer behavior. Product life-cycles are getting shorter, sales cycles are getting longer, there are more competitors entering every market, and buyers are doing most of their research online before they even call you. Sales people are now struggling to even get a meeting with a buyer, let alone sell them something new.

Having now spent the last 4 years researching and studying all of this change I have written an international best-selling book called – The Future of the Sales Profession – and I now help sales people and business leaders to transform in order to meet all of this change.

I have worked in the UK, Australia and across Asia Pacific as a representative of some of the world’s most innovative IT, telecommunications, finance and media organisations, and I have an MBA (Exec) (Distinction) from RMIT. I’m also a part-time lecturer and student mentor in the RMIT Executive MBA Program.

Today, I’m the Founder and CEO of SalesTribe, the world’s first career transition management company designed specifically to assist B2B sales people who require career guidance.

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