Jorge Pacheco
Digital Marketing | SEO | PPC | Head of eCommerce | Co-Create the Next Stage of Marketing
Ana Lima
Research areas: retailling marketing, consumer behaviour, branding, brand communities, tribal marketing
Paulo Sá Ferreira
Question everything will only help you to understand it all , only then you can find new ways to questionthe obvious therefore you’ll be able to see what was always hiding in plain sight.
Nuno Bento
My professional experience is oriented towards a major goal: to create solutions that transform a person’s life with products or services that fit their needs. The customer / consumer is the ultimate focus of any B2C or B2B company’s success, of course, in order to reach this final journey there is a great job that...
Sebastien Nunez
My mission is to enable successful leaders to create the change they want to make in the world. I awaken your inner superhero 💪 with a strong identity 🌟, an impactful communication 📢 and a booming strategy 🚀. 🎥 WATCH MY SPEAKER REEL: youtu.be/b7xanl6KUJs 🎥 ARE YOU SERIOUSLY TALKING ABOUT SUPERHEROES WITH SUPERPOWERS? Yes I...
Thiago Borba
I’m a digital market enthusiast. Since 2010 I have been working with Digital Marketing and E-commerce, in big companies in the “.com universe” like as B2W, Groupon and Walmart. My latest project is the PROECOMMERCE: an online certification course conducted by the Digital Marketing School. I also participate in courses and events as a professional...
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