Social Selling is the art and the way to leverage Social Networks to develop Sales.

After several editions in France, but also in Switzerland, Australia & Algeria, and one in LISBON on April the 10th, the #SocialSellingForum comes to PORTO

We want to help Sales Directors, Marketers & Sales People share experience on the WHY and the HOW of Social Selling.

Come join us on the 24th of October.

The Forum is generously hosted by ISCAP – Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração do Porto.

It will be facilitated by several #SocialSelling specialists, including Loic Simon, founder of the #SocialSellingForum.


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My mission is to enable successful leaders to create the change they want to make in the world. I awaken your inner superhero 💪 with a strong identity 🌟, an impactful communication 📢 and a booming strategy 🚀. 🎥 WATCH MY SPEAKER REEL: youtu.be/b7xanl6KUJs 🎥 ARE YOU SERIOUSLY TALKING ABOUT SUPERHEROES WITH SUPERPOWERS? Yes I...
Thiago Borba
I’m a digital market enthusiast. Since 2010 I have been working with Digital Marketing and E-commerce, in big companies in the “.com universe” like as B2W, Groupon and Walmart. My latest project is the PROECOMMERCE: an online certification course conducted by the Digital Marketing School. I also participate in courses and events as a professional...

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